Authentic8™ | Communication Authenticity & Effectiveness Audit


What is authenticity? Many different things to many different people. 

Some would say it’s linked to purpose, others to a defined set of values and/or behaviours, that it’s about being true to yourself and what you are, or that it’s simply about keeping it real, or at least appearing to do so.

What’s certain is that the perception of authenticity – by your stakeholders and your people – is a business imperative. 

90% of consumers buy into authenticity and 83% of marketers say authenticity is important to their brands. Authenticity (particularly in leadership) leads to job satisfaction, organisational commitment and work happiness – all factors in a high employee engagement score.

If authenticity is so important, should it not be measured alongside other key metrics like sales, profitability, reputation, engagement and brand health? 

What links all expressions of authenticity is how they are communicated. If your communication isn’t authentic, then how are your stakeholders going to know that you are? Start by assessing, evaluating and measuring communication authenticity – it’ll provide a clear indication of how you’re doing overall.

4TC has identified eight key elements through which authenticity of communication can be assessed. They are:

The written and spoken words your organisation uses, as well as the choice and flow of those words

The overall sense of what you are communicating and what that says about your organisation and its character

The structure of your communication, containing clear messages that are important to your brand or business

The content you choose to communicate should add value, serve a purpose, and benefit your audience

The clarity and visibility of your communication – as important to your authenticity as language, tone, messaging, and content

The context of who will be receiving your communication – authenticity of communication matters more to some audience groups than others 

The strategic approach to delivery across the most appropriate channels and platforms

The culmination of language, tone, messaging, content, accessibility, audience identification and delivery and the ultimate barometer of the effectiveness, and therefore authenticity, of your communication

Authentic8™ is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in your organisation’s communication.

4TC has developed the Authentic8™ | Communication Effectiveness Audit to accurately measure authenticity and effectiveness.

Tailored to the specific requirements of any business or brand, Authentic8™ applies decades of communication expertise to provide an in-depth, independent analysis of how your communication is performing across all channels, and the value and return on investment it is providing your organisation.

You can also take the free online Authentic8™ | Communication Authenticity Assessment, a self-assessment tool which is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in your organisation’s communication; to provoke critical thinking about how effective your communication is and what it says about you.

The online assessment should take approximately 8 minutes to complete and will provide you with an Authentic8™ rating and immediate feedback.

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