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At 4TC we’re all about the four types of communication – visual, verbal, written and face-to-face. We use them to tell the story of your business or brand, raise awareness of what you do and how you do it, and open conversations with your customers and other stakeholders. Whether you need to isolate your purpose, develop your messages, prepare your positions, talk to the media, engage with social, populate your website, blog your opinions – or a combination of all of them – this is what we do best.
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  • Fine Grain Property

    The Brief

    Fine Grain Property is an Irish-owned international business park owner and operator, with a €180m portfolio of 15 properties in locations around Ireland, comprising some 920,000sqft of workspace and playing host to more than 7,000 workers.

    The company is dedicated to providing high-quality workspaces tailored to client needs which, combined with the provision of employee-focused facilities, proximity to like-minded companies, access to educational institutions and accessible transport infrastructure, help create strong workplace communities. In turn, these communities help businesses with recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction, all of which contribute to overall business success.

    Fine Grain Property, founded in Singapore in (2007), has recently gone through a brand re-positioning, coinciding with an operational relocation to Dublin. Given that the company was on the cusp of closing its largest Irish acquisition to date, the time was right to begin communicating Fine Grain’s proposition, its strategy and its beliefs to a range of diverse stakeholders, including investors, commercial property owners and potential workspace clients.

    Our Solution

    We began by addressing Fine Grain’s existing communication toolkit – we refined the company’s existing ‘Message House’ document, editing and adapting it so that it was easier to use, was expressed in everyday language and reflected Fine Grain’s shift in focus from investor to client. We revised and edited content on the Fine Grain Property website, simplifying the copy, clarifying the message and standardising its presentation.

    While this activity progressed, we prepared for the announcement of the company’s acquisition of the Westpark Business Campus in Shannon – a deal that was one of the largest ever Irish business park transactions. Strong though the Westpark story was, we were also cognisant that its impact would be short-lived – so we developed a six-month activity plan, taking in other potential property acquisitions and disposals, the delivery of new client lease agreements and bespoke market research into employee workspace attitudes.

    Recognising that it’s never too soon to think about a longer-term communication strategy either, we engaged Fine Grain in discussion about issues management, community relations, social media and establishing themselves as thought leaders on the subject of workspace environment and global trends for business parks.

    Lastly – to build Fine Grain’s credentials as an expert provider of high quality, relevant workspace – we commissioned the Fine Grain Future of Work Survey. This was a research project which questioned 1,000 Irish adults (and therefore a representative sample of the Irish population) about office workers’ needs from, and attitudes to, the workplace in the 21st Century.

    The survey was carried out in two waves, one focusing on the ideal attributes for a workspace and the effect of facilities on workplace community, and the second on the future expectations for a workspace and employee engagement.

    The Results

    The announcement of the Westpark Business Campus acquisition was favourably received on a local and national level, and was covered in (amongst others) The Irish Times, the Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner and The Limerick Leader. Fine Grain Property executives were interviewed on Newstalk radio and Clare FM.

    Following that, Fine Grain’s progress has been charted via regular media coverage around announcements including acquisitions in Maynooth and Dublin, and the official opening of a new-build office space in Limerick. The opening of this building – Hawthorn House on the National Technological Park in Plassey – was endorsed by the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) as being emblematic of their goal to increase business investment in Ireland’s regions.

    The Fine Grain Future of Work Survey produced a deep pool of data, out of which we were able to pull a range of informative and enlightening findings. These were then packaged for use against a wide media audience, as well as on the Fine Grain Property website and through the company’s social media feeds. National and regional print, broadcast and digital media coverage was achieved.

    At the time of writing, a second research-based release, containing findings from the second wave of research, has yet to be issued.

    Fine Grain Property
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  • Cabinpac

    The Brief

    Cabinpac, founded in 1979, is a manufacturer and supplier of modular buildings. The units are assembled in its plant and installed, complete, on site, providing office space, accommodation, storage, manufacturing and warehousing solutions to the industrial, pharma and logistics sectors. These solutions are all tailored to meet individual customer demand.

    During four decades of operation, Cabinpac has positioned itself as a leading supplier of modular building solutions to the education and healthcare sectors particularly. The company employs some 50 people across two manufacturing facilities.

    The company had recently completed an €800k investment in a new manufacturing facility, and a re-invigoration of its brand positioning, and wanted to communicate this to a range of audiences, with its employees and customer base – existing and potential – as particular areas of focus.

    Our Solution

    While an €800k investment is a strong foundation on which to build a story, we worked with the client to see if there was anything else that we could use to strengthen it, to make it more newsworthy and to broaden its appeal. Four things were identified that would each add an extra dimension to the story and make it a more significant announcement. They were:

    • Job creation that accompanied with the investment in new capacity
    • The sustainable credentials of modular buildings as cost-effective solution to a building industry under pressure from rising costs
    • 2019 marked Cabinpac’s 40th anniversary
    • The support of the local TD, Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty

    We recommended holding a launch event at Cabinpac’s premises in Co Meath, to which we would invite Minister Doherty, local councillors and local business leaders, while also drafting a media release for local and national media, and advising on social media communications.

    The Results

    4TC worked with Cabinpac on the format of the event, which was jointly billed as a celebration of Cabinpac’s 40th anniversary and the official opening of the new manufacturing facility. We advised on the internal communication of the event to staff and stakeholders and drafted speaking notes for the company’s MD.

    While drafting the media release, we liaised with the Minister’s office to confirm her attendance, provide commentary for the media on the event, and provide her with briefing notes and background information on Cabinpac to facilitate the preparation of her speech.

    On the day, we oversaw photography and managed the Minister’s journey through the event, issued the media release and oversaw posting to social media. Coverage was achieved across national and regional print, digital and broadcast media.

    What the client said

    Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic effort put in by you both on our open day

    • brilliant on the day
    • great press coverage
    • a happy Minister
    • great projection of the company
    • won 2020 Construction Excellence award ( Local Goverments) on back of publicity
    • a very happy owner

     We have also noted that interaction on web/ social media has gone through the roof.

    Thank you again and look forward  to working with you again.

    – Tadhg Twomey, Managing Director, Cabinpac

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  • Echelon Data Centres

    The Brief

    Echelon Data Centres is an Irish company, incorporated in 2017 with the goal of constructing, owning and operating data centres with 500MW total capacity, in five countries, by 2025.

    4TC was engaged as communication consultants for Echelon Data Centres in autumn 2018 to plan and execute a PR and media relations campaign around the launch of the company and the €1bn investment in its first two data centre sites, in Dublin and Wicklow. Echelon wanted to announce its existence, gain widespread exposure for its plans, highlight the experience and track record of its  principals and bring itself to the attention of potential customers worldwide.

    Echelon had a great story to tell – about jobs, investment, and scale – in a sector that is earmarked for tremendous growth and has been identified by the Government as crucial to the future of the country’s digital economy. It was 4TC’s job to help them tell it.

    Our Solution

    We began by preparing the materials Echelon needed for a co-ordinated communication offensive – developing messages, identifying issues, reviewing the company’s embryonic website for form and feel, putting together a media toolkit, creating a ‘starter for 10’ launch presentation, establishing social media properties, and creating a corporate brochure, launch videos and imagery.

    We staged a launch event in Dublin, which was addressed by Heather Humphries, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, and attended by corporate stakeholders, the business community, politicians and the media.

    Post-launch, we mapped out Echelon’s longer-term communication strategy and engaged in issues management, community relations, and social media and a programme of regular news as the company’s sites moved successfully through the planning process and Echelon set its sights on international growth.

    The results

    • More than 280 pieces of coverage across the Irish news, business and technology media (print, digital, broadcast) in the first eight months following launch.
    • Measured reach in Ireland totalling of more than 30 million people.
    • Measured value in excess of €500,000.
    • Extensive additional coverage in the international data centre and ICT media.
    • It took Echelon Data Centres more than a week to clear their email inboxes following the launch event!

    What they said

    “Thanks for all the effort that went into what was a really slick and professional launch. The level of media engagement and the arrangement was fantastic – and the presence of the Minister really did give it great gravitas. I know full well that these things are not easy to achieve and you really shot the lights out with the level of engagement, as well as your own time commitment. 

    “I have since seen much of the media commentary, the TV extracts, etc. and it all looks really well. I have been inundated with messages from people saying how well it all looked and that is credit to The Content Partnership. Very well done indeed.” – Graeme McWilliams, COO, Echelon Data Centres.

    Echelon Data Centres
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  • Coeliac Society of Ireland

    The Brief

    The Coeliac Society of Ireland provides information and support to people diagnosed with coeliac disease. They have thousands of members throughout the country, but only around 12,500 of the estimated 50,000 people in Ireland who have coeliac disease have been diagnosed. 4TC started working with the Society in September 2018, providing public and media relations, communications and content marketing services to raise awareness of coeliac disease, its symptoms and how to live healthy on a gluten-free diet.

    Our Solution

    Communicating the Coeliac Society’s work to its members and the wider public has entailed a strategy encompassing story identification, messaging and strategic communications advice, content creation, media relations, and event public relations.

    A key part of this strategy has been to leverage the support of the Society’s members throughout Ireland to offer the national and regional media case studies of real people with the disease, and how it affects them. This, together will communicating important health information from the Society, has been key to increasing learning and awareness of the disease and those who suffer from it. Much of this activity’s been leverage around certain dates in the Coeliac Society’s calendar, most notably Coeliac Awareness Week and the Gluten Free Living Show – which have required a hight level of media relations and content activity, including news articles, media supplements, videos, infographics and, of course, press releases.

    The Results

    • Measured media coverage during Coeliac Awareness Week 2019 alone of more than 250 items with reach of more than four million people.
    • Regular coverage across national and regional radio, digital and print media.
    • Amplified coverage across social media platforms.
    • Extensive on-air use of human stories across Irish radio stations and on television, including Today with Maura and Daithi, Ireland AM and Virgin Media News.

    Coeliac Society of Ireland
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  • Irish ProShare Association

    The Brief

    The Irish ProShare Association represents organisations which are employee owned or have employee share ownership across Ireland. A non-profit organisation, IPSA works with its members to promote and provide insight into the business case for employee ownership in the Irish economy. 4TC has worked with IPSA since 2017 to provide media relations, communications and content marketing services which further the case for employee share ownership, assist with IPSA’s engagement with the Government, and tell the story of IPSA’s success to its members and the international proshare community.

    Our Activity

    • Assist with issues identification and PR activity to highlight these issues in the media – e.g Brexit.
    • Establish IPSA’s leadership team as ‘first-call’ commentators in the media on employee share ownership issues.
    • Advise on messaging and communication strategy in relation to IPSA’s engagement with the Government on the issue of employee ownership.
    • Run PR operations for the annual ESOD (Employee Share Ownership Day) conference at Google in Dublin.
    • Review and improve IPSA’s communications about its achievements to its members and potential members. Creation of content – videos, newsletters, website content, brochures – to support this.


    • Regular coverage of IPSA and employee ownership in the media
    • Greater understanding and awareness of IPSA and its priorities among key relevant journalists.
    • Greater recognition and utilisation of IPSA’s employee ownership expertise within Government.
    • Improved communications and marketing to IPSA’s members and potential members – including leveraging suite of high-quality content collateral across digital and social media channels. Membership growth of more than 150% during the period of 4TC’s engagement with IPSA.

    Irish ProShare Association
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  • myStudyPal

    The Brief

    Working with a new client is a learning experience – particularly when that client is a start-up. MyStudyPal is an app that allows Junior and Leaving Cert students to create a study timetable in minutes which gives them greater control of the exam preparation and allows them to balance their school and social lives.

    The story of myStudyPal is largely that of its founder Mark Nealon, who after sitting the Leaving Cert in 2017, realised that the process would have been much less stressful had there been a study app dedicated to helping students plan their study and achieve a better work-life balance.

    4TC spent time understanding what made myStudyPal’s story unique, the courage, drive and determination that Mark showed to defer going to college for a year to build his app. We worked with Mark to develop his brand story and messaging, and to secure media exposure for the launch of the app and beyond, as myStudyPal grew to becoming an award-winning start-up in the NovaUCD incubator.

    Our activity

    • Media relations – leveraging contacts in the mainstream, education and technology media to launch myStudyPal and secure coverage for the app.
    • Story development, particularly around key dates in the school and exam calendar. A significant part of this was leveraging Mark’s back story and securing opportunities for him to tell it.
    • Content development – developing marketing materials and assisting with website content, including developing infographic briefs and storyboarding explainer videos.
    The Results
    • Extensive coverage throughout the national and regional media in Ireland.
    • Mark was interviewed featured on more than 10 national and regional radio stations in March and April 2019 alone.
    • Excellent RoI for client. Mark credited coverage secured by The Content Partnership as being responsible for spike of 2,000 downloads of the myStudyPal app from February to April 2019.
    • Coverage resulted in increased brand awareness and digital footprint which helped facilitate growth and UK expansion for myStyudyPal.
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  • Motorsport Ireland

    The Brief

    Motorsport Ireland is the governing body of motor racing, rallying and other four-wheeled Irish motorsport. It wanted to secure more media coverage of the events it sanctioned, improve its communications process with affiliated clubs and drivers, create a vibrant motorsport community on social media, and have PR advisors to handle enquiries from the media.

    Our solution

    We started by sitting down with the sports editors of the national print and broadcast media to find out why they weren’t covering Irish motorsport. They didn’t know what events were on and when, and they didn’t have the resources to cover them. We provided a content solution which ensures the media now receives ready-to-publish reports and images from motorsport events.

    We secured buy-in from the motorsport clubs and individual drivers by advising them on how to secure coverage in their own local media, and by producing a regular digital newsletter which keeps them up to date with all the news from Motorsport Ireland.

    Finally, we established Motorsport Ireland on several social media platforms, using the content generated by all this activity to create a large and engaged community of motorsport drivers, mechanics, volunteers and fans.

    The results

    • Regular coverage for Motorsport Ireland events and individual drivers in media including Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Irish Times, Irish Daily Mirror, Irish Sun, Irish Daily Mail, RTE, TheJournal.ie.
    • Team Ireland Foundation driver development programme launch with widespread media coverage.
    • Successful implementation of media and crisis PR plan for Motorsport Ireland and the clubs.
    • Bulletin newsletter growth from 300 subscribers to more than 5,022 — up 1,600%.
    • Facebook: Page Likes growth from 0 to more than 13,000. Monthly engagement average of 30,000 with page reach of more than 220,000.
    • Twitter follower growth from 0 to more than 4,500

    What they said

    “We have a great working relationship with Richard and The Content Partnership. Motorsport Ireland was struggling to get our message heard and one of the first things they did was to identify the issues that we faced as an organisation in securing consistent media coverage. They then proceeded to provide the solutions to address these findings.

    “As a result of the work carried out by the principles of The Content Partnership, we have established good working relationships with sports journalists, we achieve consistent coverage in the media and our social media following and engagement have grown.”

    – Alex Sinclair, CEO Motorsport Ireland 

    Motorsport Ireland
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