Everyone Likes a Tech Story

Find the right angles, look for the hooks – everyone’s got something to say. We’d be happy to talk to you about finding your story, and telling it.

Everyone likes a tech story. We’re all fascinated by the rise of the machines. AI is the big buzzword, even if, truth be told, we’re not really sure what AI is. Just a few years ago – no more than seven or eight – the big buzz was around the IoT, or Internet of Things. Now, with the advent of 5G, the Internet of Things is set to become a real thing and – no exaggeration – revolutionise our lives.

Just as a refresher – because what with the information overload that is modern life with a smartphone, it’s sometimes difficult to see the tech for the vapourware – the Internet of Things (IoT) is machine-to-machine communication, without a human intermediary. It will enable smart cities – in which everything will be available, where you want it, when you want it.

We’re talking driverless taxis, parking spaces that let your car know they’re free, real-time information about queues, about loos, about booze and about news. Stuff that changes from location to location. You literally ain’t seen nothing yet.

It will also enable the rise of the machines. Not – I am fairly confident – robots from the future, but definitely smart appliances in the home. “Smart appliances?” you mutter, suspiciously. Yes.

Toasters that anticipate how much toasting they’ll be doing and on what setting, based on information received from the breadbin. Mattresses that may firm or soften their springs, acting on updates from the wine cooler. (OK – I made that one up.) Fridges that know when you’re out of milk and either add it to your grocery order themselves, or Whatsapp you to make sure you buy some.

Flights of fantasy? Nope. Samsung have not only already produced a ‘smart’ fridge, but are actively promoting it.

Recently, on this very blog, we talked about stories and what makes them. We identified a selection of things which – if they appeared in your story – would go a long way to making it newsworthy, and lead to the media coverage you’re looking for. One of them was technology – read the first two sentences of this post again, they explain why.

Samsung, of course, have got this covered. They’re not short on a bit of tech. But the way they got coverage for their smartfridge was nothing less than opportunistic genius. Because one of the other things that makes a story is human interest. And another thing that makes a story, which doesn’t get talked about in a communication context so much, is – sex.

Samsung came up with ‘refridgerdate’. A service you can sign up to in which the contents of your fridge match you with other people who have similar contents in their fridges. All done by the fridges themselves. Yes, you’re shaking your head. Yes, well, you’re saying, that can’t be real.

Doesn’t matter. It’s a fantastic story and, as it should have, it got the coverage. I listened to a radio piece – the presenter knew that it was stretching the boundaries. He said so. Samsung admitted that only 15 people had signed up – and they were all employees.
It didn’t matter. In the slightest. I smiled, because it was funny. It was up-to-date. It was relevant to one of the biggest shifts that will happen in our lifetimes. It pulled the strings and made itself news.

Your business may not be a tech giant. You might not think that you’ve got a story that could be news.

Well – don’t think like that. Find the right angles, look for the hooks – everyone’s got something to say. We’d be happy to talk to you about finding your story, and telling it.



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